Your remote innovation lab!

One of a kind remote innovation lab for building dope ideas & projects!
Who is it for?
Those who want to take action on their super ideas or the ongoing projects with curated innovation!
The teams who need structured approach to innovation and one of a kind problem solving methods.
Corporates/ Brands
Those who want to experience innovation methods, which will make their work 10x faster and cool!
Hey there ⚑️,
From working with super brands like Porsche consulting to social innovation projects in India, we have been innovating across the spectrum for a while. While working, we wanted to make these super cool innovation methods available to all & as a result we launched Futuring Now. We craft some of the coolest innovation workshop experiences on the planet, which happen to make your work 10x faster too!
We can't wait to innovate with you. πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

We are on a mission to help creative thinkers like you take actions 10x faster!

How do we roll?

Gym for your Ideas!
It's like you use our methods, digital space, facilitation to build your dream projects with your own talents.
The Dope Experience
We believe in delivering great experiences, hence our workshops are designed to give you that innovation vibe.
Professional facilitation
Get facilitated by one of the most creative and seasoned minds in innovation to help you take action.
Lifetime Community
With our workshops you get the lifetime access to Futuring Now's exclusive community.

Always stay updated!

We will keep you posted whenever we drop new workshop experiences. We will send you some interesting free resources too! This way you won’t miss on some cool stuff!
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Call us to speak!

We happen to deliver one of the coolest keynotes on various topics around innovation! We would love to drop one of our interactive presentations for your event or organisation. Simply get in touch!