From just a cool thought to re-designing the existing products & services, we have bunch of workshops ready for you!
Workshops for organisations
These workshops are custom made for corporates, communities, startup incubators-accelerators or any other organisation. We deliver our unique audio-visual hands-on experience to attain the defined goals 10x faster.
10X Weekender
A curated hackathon experience over a weekend to build your products-services super fast!
Idea Ignition workshop
A week long part time remote innovation workshop to build meaningful projects.
Trending Workshops
These are our trending innovation workshop experiences for you to take actions quickly with amazingly choreographed steps and exercises. Suitable for all the creative thinkers like you!
Idea Quickstarter sessions
Now available!
Now available!
A hands-on innovation experience to explore & quickstart the startup idea you have with 6 sessions!

Want such cool workshops at your organisation?

We also do these workshops exclusively for organisations like communities, incubators, accelerators, corporates, brands, etc. We have done quiet a few of them. Get in touch to get an exclusive & customised workshop made just for you!

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We happen to deliver one of the coolest keynotes on various topics around innovation! We would love to drop one of our interactive presentations for your event or organisation. Simply get in touch!