From just a cool thought to re-designing the existing products & services, we have bunch of workshops ready for you!
On-demand Workshops
These workshop experiences are designed pre-recoded for you to take action anytime you want. Our on-demand workshops are always available and have been made to deliver some amazing innovation experiences while adding a lot of value in your project at your convenience!
Idea Quickstarter sessions
Now available!
Now available!
A hands-on innovation experience to explore & quickstart the startup idea you have with 6 sessions!
Live Remote Workshops
These workshops are facilitated live by us. We curate innovation methods along with one heck of an audiovisual experience! The fun part is we host multiple teams together, that means it’s a massive co-work yet exclusive for you, kinda workshop!
10x weekender sessions
Craziest innovation experience over a weekend to build your products super fast!
Idea Ignition sessions
A week long part time remote innovation workshop to build meaningful projects.

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We also do these workshops exclusively for organisations like communities, incubators, accelerators, corporates, brands, etc. We have done quiet a few of them. Get in touch to get an exclusive & customised workshop made just for you!

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FN Workshops Stories
First I would like to thank you for the wonderful 8 days plus welcome session experience. I personally learned a lot of new things in this journey. I would like to contribute in the community and continue this journey (Don't want this great journey to end). For a person who loves to contribute something to the world without being selfish and learn in the process, I feel I am in the right place. And glad that I enrolled for this experience in Instagram. Looking forward to work with you Suyog. As mentioned in previous forms, one of the best engaged workshop I have attended so far. Once again, Thank you so much!!!
This workshop conducted by futuring now has fulfilled it’s purpose. It is like sowing the seed of thought. From an idea, we are now in a place of clarity and motivation. It’s a detailed and realistic approach to ideas. It has been an insightful journey for me!! Thank you.
Harshit Gangwar
Suyog's ability to interact so openly with everyone made us feel really comfortable interms of sharing our problems statements and ideating along the entire course of this workshop. The introduction of music helps everyone get in a mood to really process what is being taught and process is all the way!
The workshop is a great way to get kickstarted on your idea! It'll get you going and pack a couple of months' work into 7-8 days and set you up for the road ahead! Great way to structure your thoughts, filter your ideas along with an equally enthusiastic community!
Akash Wadhwani
A one of a kind virtual learning environment with very intuitive tasks and workshops. Something which will question you everything and anything in a good and a bad way!
Suyog thank you for coming back from Berlin and getting along the design thinking fundamentals. The workshop is truly immersive. The sessions are designed for individuals to get more clarity and develop a firm grip on their business idea. Fully engaging and Suyog is literally always a 'slack' away. When I signed up for the workshop, after 2 months of working on it, the idea was still sketchy and messy and I ended 7 days workshop with a pitch :)